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Metz’s Hart-Land

Jeff & Mariann Metz

25909 County Rd 102, Rushford, MN  55971

Phone (507) 864-2627  -  metzcreamery@goacentek.net

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Phone (507) 864-2627


Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 9 am - 6 pm

Saturdays 10 am - 4 pm

Sunday Noon - 4 pm

Squeaky-Fresh Curds, Spreads and Blocks Straight From the Farm to Your Doorstep!

WARM WEATHER ALERT: We ship when temperatures are conducive for shipping cheese--typically October through March. Please call to check on shipping methods for warmer months.

TUESDAY IS SHIPPING DAY:  Orders received throughout the week, from the previous Tuesday through noon on Monday, will be shipped on Tuesday morning.

CUSTOMER PICK-UP: Save shipping costs!  Phone in your order and arrange for pick-up at the dairy.  Call (507) 864-2627


Metz's Original

Farm Fresh

Chedder Cheese Curds

6 oz pkg - $3.85

12 oz pkg - $5.95

5 lb pkg - $24.95

CHILI CHEESE CURDS Made with a blend of chili and jalapeno peppers to give your tongue a little zing. Great in your bowl of Chili or just to snack on.

PLAIN CURDS - A creamy, lush, squeaky-fresh curd. Nothing added.  A simple milky-rich curd.

GARLIC & HERB - A zip of garlic and other herbs, mixed together for these savory curds.

SIX-PEPPER - A zest of 6 different peppers combined for a light kick on the curds.

SALSA - A savory blend of spices give these creamy curds a light salsa taste.

RANCH - A creamy curd with a hint of the ranch on the end of the taste.

DILL - A creamy curd spiced with the refreshing flavor of dill.

CHIPOTLE - A creamy curd with a rich barbeque flavor.


Chedder Cheese


6 oz pkg - $3.85

12 oz pkg - $5.95

5 lb pkg - $24.95


Wholesome creamy, milky rich cheese curd flavored with Honey Hickory BBQ blend. A sweet smoky flavor of spices with a hint of honey. This is the perfect cheese curd to serve at summer BBQ’s and Picnic’s.

NEW! CHILI LIME Wholesome creamy, milky rich cheese curd flavored with NEW Chili-Lime spice blend. This is a delicious new innovative flavor that pops with fresh lime and chili in your mouth. The flavor is a mixture of fresh lime mixed with chipotle chili, garlic and cilantro. This is a great new flavor to serve at parties. It pairs well with margaritas and beer.

NEW! COUNTRYSIDE HERB Wholesome creamy, milky rich cheese curd flavored with New Countryside Herb blend. This flavor is a combination of Dill Weed, Parsley, Garlic and Onion with poppy and sesame seeds. This is the perfect cheese curd to bring to serve at parties or bring as a gift. Everyone loves this new flavor.

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Super Tasty Cheddar Curds!

NEW!  GREEN OLIVE - Cheddar cheese made with green olives.  Great on a pizza or in your bloody Mary.

NEW!  ONION & CHIVE - Cheddar cheese made with onion and chive. Delicious in a sandwich or on a cracker.

NEW!  GARDEN MEDLEY - Cheddar cheese with a variety of vegetables, including carrots, peppers, tomatoes and spinach. Perfect for salads or pasta.

WHITE CHEDDAR - A smooth creamy cheddar cheese. Melts great, use it in your favorite casserole or serve with crackers and a nice red wine.

CHIPOTLE - Cheddar cheese with a slight smokey bar-b-que flavor. Great on grilled burgers.

GARLIC & HERB - Cheddar cheese with a hint of garlic, herbs and other spices makes this a great choice to serve as in horsedevors or in your favorite recipe.

SIX PEPPER - Cheddar cheese with chili peppers, red and green peppers give it a little bit of a kick. Great shredded on a pizza.

DILL - Cheddar cheese with dill, great on a grilled burger.

CARAWAY - Cheddar cheese with caraway seeds has a warm, sweet and slightly peppery flavor as what you would find in rye bread. Great served on a rye cracker.

MILD SALSA - Cheddar cheese with a combination of onions, cilantro, garlic and peppers. Great shredded over nachos or in lasagna.

HOT SALSA - A “Little” hotter version of our Mild Salsa.

FESTIVE FALL - Cheddar cheese with orange flavored cranberries makes this cheese a great appetizer for the holiday season.  Goes nicely with crackers and a light wine.

APPLE PIE - Cheddar cheese combined with apple and cinnamon. Great as a dessert cheese.


with Italian Seasoning Cheddar cheese made with oregano, basil, rosemary and sage. Goes well with any cracker or in your favorite Italian recipe.

MARIANN'S RED WINE Cheddar cheese made with a local red wine. Great as an appetizer and served with red wine.

BLONDE - A slight yellow cheddar cheese.

HOT BLONDE - A light yellow cheddar cheese with jalapeno and bell peppers give it a little bit of a kick in taste. Great shredded on tacos.

Artisan Farmstead Cheese Blocks

8 oz Block - $3.85

(Weight is approximate)

Artisan Farmstead Cheese Blocks Flavored Cheese Spreads

Flavored Cheddar

Cheese Spreads

8 oz tub


CHEDDAR SPREAD - A smooth, creamy white cheddar cheese spread - 8 oz.

GARLIC & HERB SPREAD Creamy white cheddar with garlic and herb flavors throughout - 8 oz.

SALSA SPREAD - Cheddar cheese spread with onion, cilantro, garlic and peppers - 8 oz.

CHIPOTLE SPREAD - Creamy cheddar cheese spread with a slight smokey BBQ flavor.  Made with chipotle peppers so it has a little "kick" - 8 oz.

SMOKEY BACON SPREAD Cheddar cheese spread with delicious hickory-smoked bacon flavor - 8 oz.